Sky Email Extractor 8.0


Sky Email Extractor 8.0

Identifies and extracts email addresses
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E-mail spiders, grabbers, or harvesters are tools to find and gather e-mail addresses, either on the Web or locally, to create potential target groups for, typically, business communications. Sky Email Extractor is one of these tools, and it has been designed to be not only fast and efficient, but also extremely easy to use.

The program works both online and locally, searching for e-mail addresses either on search engines and webpages or in a folder on your PC with thousands of documents in it. All you have to do is give the program a clue as to what to look for. This will allow it to focus its search on identifying potential individuals or companies that may be interested or even connected directly with the range of products you want to promote or sell. This is achieved by feeding the program with keywords – simple and clear words to allow the program to narrow its searches to a sizeable and usable list of potential targets – and, optionally, a specific country or region. The search engine selection can also be “localized” according to the country selected. Note that, so far, Sky Email Extractor works with English keywords only, though there are plans to add some automated keyword translation to produce more local-friendly results. Alternatively, you can also use URLs as search terms.

As soon as you click on the “Search” button, you’ll see the list populate with all the candidate e-mail addresses that fit your criteria. The list is numbered and grouped (on a side bar on the right) by Internet domains. Each e-mail address comes with the URL it was grabbed from and the search engine used to find it. This is as far as you can go with the trial version – if you register and pay the corresponding license, you’ll be able to export the lists into various formats.

In a nutshell, Sky Email Extractor is an efficient tool that will save you hours and hours of hard work by compiling target-specific and localized e-mail addresses for you to help you boost the presence of your company in the market.

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  • Searches both in the Web and your local drives
  • Find e-mail addresses by keyword
  • Groups e-mail addresses by source and domain
  • Can load keywords from file


  • Will not export to any kind of file on the free version
  • Supports keywords in English only
  • May close unexpectedly


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